New Zealand Lifelines Committee

Lifelines are the essential infrastructure and services that support our community – utility services such as water, wastewater and stormwater, electricity, gas, telecommunications and transportation networks including road, rail, airports and ports.

Lifeline Groups and the New Zealand Lifelines Committee

Representatives of utilities collaborate in regional Lifeline Groups with scientists, engineers and emergency managers to reduce vulnerabilities to regional scale emergencies.

Lifeline Group projects take an ‘all-hazards' approach. The emphasis is on pre-event planning. Post-event operational roles remain the responsibility of individual utilities. This collaborative process provides a framework to support integration of asset management, risk management and emergency management by utilities.

The New Zealand Lifelines Committee fosters regional activity and provides a link to government.

The objectives of Lifelines are to reduce infrastructure outage risks and minimise restoration time when outages occur.

Relevant national lifelines material can be found at:

For further information contact Dave Brunsdon or Tony Fenwick.